Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The rain man 

       In class we watched a movie called rain man. It tells the story of an abrasive and selfish guy named Charlie Babbitt. Charlie is a car dealer who has been threatened by the EPA. Charlie books a trip to Palm Springs with his girlfriend. He gets a call from someone informing him that his father has died so he cancels his trip and goes to Ohio. Charlie goes to the real estates where he finds out that he doesn't get the 3 million dollars but gets his dads car. Charlie finds out that the money was sent to a mental Institute, where charlie, brother is living but charlie is unaware. This leads to charlie saying "why didn't any any one tell me i had a brother". Charlie's brother is named Raymond. Charlie decides to take Raymond on a road  trip. Charlie finds out that Raymond is really good at math an playing cards so Charlie decides to go to vegas to win the money he owes his company and he uses Raymond to do it. Since Raymond is good at playing cards every round they would play they would win. I think its un fair that Charlie uses Raymand for his own mistakes and problems. As the week went on Charlie started to feel close to Raymond. At the end movie the movie he Wanted Raymond to stay with him but Raymonf went back to the mental Institute.